Greentree Development Group works with municipalities, landowners, Realtors and others to turn land – especially underused and dirty land – into beautiful places to live, work and play. We work with distressed properties, brownfields and other underperforming parcels, and make them assets that are productive, desirable and beautiful.

About Greentree Development Group

By the year 2020, the State of New Jersey will welcome more than 1 million new residents, according to smart growth advocates New Jersey Future. To accommodate new comers while creating a sustainable future, Greentree Development Group works with municipalities and landowners to create beautiful sustainable places to live, work and play. Our goal is to build in harmony with the host community’s image of its future.

Established in 2009 as an investment group, Greentree has evolved into a progressive land developer capable of managing the design, permitting and construction of a single-family home, the redevelopment of a large parcel of land or anything in between. Well-funded and led by builders who gained their experienced working with some of New Jersey’s best-known developers, Greentree prides itself on building relationships along with communities. That means we listen, we counsel, we execute and we stand behind what we do.  Look at some of our projects and give us a call today to discuss your vision.

About the "Green" in Greentree ...

We may not be “green” builders, but Greentree Development Group is doing its part to reduce the carbon footprint by producing homes that offer you “everything you need, and nothing you don’t.” Greentree makes it a habit to produce homes that are energy efficient, practical and spacious. Additionally we pride ourselves in building each home with a level of energy efficiency that translates to immediate savings to your energy bills. As a full-service home builder specializing in new-home construction, Greentree Development Group is leading the field in all aspects of designing, building and construction practices.

The backbone of the organization is deeply rooted in home building and its expertise is evident in each new project the company embarks upon. Greentree’s attention to detail and its obsession with satisfying its clients is unparalleled in the homebuilding industry. Greentree embraces green-building opportunities and continually challenges itself, its team leaders and its subcontractors to leverage renewable resources to help reduce the overall impact of construction on the environment. The company continually strives to educate our homeowners on environmentally friendly products and encourage their use whenever possible. Greentree homes are built using the best name brand manufacturers to insure long life and maximizing energy efficiency.

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