Partnering with Municipalities

Every mayor, councilperson and municipal official takes office with a vision of how their community and grow and improve. That often involves development or redevelopment. Greentree Development Group specializes in working with municipal leaders to evaluate that vision, make it viable and then bring it to life.

Since 2011, Greentree Development Group has looked at land through the community’s eyes. Using the latest techniques, processes and materials, we work with municipalities creating new neighborhoods, or with landowners creating new homes and businesses. We’re builders who can also help you design and plan, run the regulatory hurdles and gain the approvals you need realize your vision.

Greentree’s experts understand the regulatory and political labyrinth a project travels as it gains unofficial buy-in and official approvals from politicians, professionals and residents. Greentree’s practical knowledge, experience and track record helps address concerns, accommodate ideas and build a consensus. Greentree applies the latest techniques, processes and materials to create pleasant, easy-to-maintain, environmentally sensitive places to live, work and play.

Share your vision with us. We can help you overcome the hurdles and bring your vision a reality and a legacy.

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